Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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The African Peer Review Mechanism in Mauritius: Lessons from Phase I (2007)

This review of the APRM process in Mauritius is one of a series commissioned by AfriMAP, the Africa Governance Monitoring and Advocacy Project of the Open Society Institute’s network of Africa foundations. The report – which was written by and represents the views of Sheila Bunwaree of the University of Mauritius – analyses the extent to which the Mauritius process of self-assessment for the APRM has respected the criteria of effectiveness and credibility defined by the APRM founding documents, in particular the extent to which it has been open, participatory, transparent and accountable. Based on interviews with many of the participants, Bunwaree reviews the challenges faced during the process to date, including a failure on the government side to provide real political leadership and the necessary financial resources, the weaknesses of the National Economic and Social Council as APRM focal point, and a lack of real engagement from civil society. Bunwaree concludes that to be successful, a revived APRM in Mauritius will require ‘a major re-think amongst the key players responsible’ in order to open up the process to broader participation. (by Sheila Bunwaree)

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  • Type: Civil society analysis
  • Thematic Areas: Democracy and political governance, Economic governance and management, Corporate governance, Socio-economic development
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