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Benin and the African Peer Review Mechanism: Consolidating Democratic Achievements (2008)

This report was prepared by Gilles Badet, a researcher at the University of Abomey-Calavi specialising in local good governance. The report is based on notes taken at official meetings during the process, discussions with many leaders and participants, and close personal observations of the APRM process in Benin from its inception in March 2004 until the report was presented to APRM member countries in January 2008. The primary purpose of this report is to examine the extent to which the self-assessment process in Benin has fulfi lled the criteria of effectiveness and credibility defi ned by the founding documents of the APRM, and in particular, the extent to which it has been open, participatory, transparent and responsible. Gilles Badet reviews the problems which confronted the process, including weak public awareness, administrative problems within the institutions responsible for managing the process, and inadequate fi nancial resources. He also emphasises the strong points of the process, the first of which being President Boni Yayi’s personal interest in it and his involvement at all stages. (by Gilles Badet)

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  • Type: Civil society analysis
  • Thematic Areas: Democracy and political governance, Economic governance and management, Corporate governance, Socio-economic development
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