Friday, September 20, 2019
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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the APRM

(by SAIIA)


A concise outline of the basic steps of the APRM and the biographies of the Panel of Eminent Persons who lead the process

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An Overview of the APRM Process

APRM overview (2002) : An overview of the APRM process (NEPAD)

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African Peer Review - An Overview

(by Ross Herbert)

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Biographies of the Panel of Eminent Persons

Biographies of Former APR Panel of Eminent Persons

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Biographies of APR Panel of Eminent Persons: 2013

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The Official Self Assessment Questionnaire

Country Self-Assessment (CSA), APRM : The APRM Country Self-Assessment Questionnaire asks the respondent governance-related questions about his/her state's performance accross the four APRM thematic areas (by AU/NEPAD)

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The Revised Country Self-Assesment Questionnaire (2012)


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Guidelines for Countries to Prepare for and to Participate in the APRM

This document provides guidelines to prepare for and participate in the APRM (by AU/NEPAD)

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APRM Organisation and Processes

This official document defines the organisational components and processes involved in peer review (by AU/NEPAD)

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Nepad Framework Document

This document sets out the structure and organisation of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (by AU)

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