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Ghana / Ghana


Country facts

Date of accession to the APRM March 2003
Review status 1st review completed
Country Review Report publication date June 2005
NPoA status 3 progress reports published

Faits de Pays

Date d'accession au MAEP Mars 2003
Statut de l’évaluation 1ère évaluation achevée
Date de publication du Rapport d’évaluation national Juin 2005
Statut du PAN Publication de trois rapports préliminaires


This paper discusses and analyses the issues surrounding the rule of law in Ghana (by AfriMap, The Open Society Initiative for West Africa, The Institute for Democratic Governance)
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Published in Ghana

An Independent evaluation of governance in Ghana by the South African Institute of International Affairs

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Published in Ghana

Comments by the Ghanaian government on the country review report and programme of action (by Government of Ghana)
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Published in Ghana

This is the final APRM report for the Republic of Ghana (by APRM Secretariat)

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Published in Ghana

The official self-assessment report presented to the APRM Secretariat (by Ghana's APRM National Governing Council)
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Published in Ghana
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