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Rwanda / Rwanda


Country facts

Date of accession to the APRM March 2003
Review status 1st review completed
Country Review Report publication date June 2005
NPoA status 1 progress report published

Faits de Pays

Date d'accession au MAEP Mars 2003
Statut de l’évaluation 1ère évaluation achevée
Date de publication du Rapport d’évaluation national Juin 2005
Statut du PAN Publication d'un rapport préliminaire



The country review report combines the country self-assessment report, background paper and comments from the Country Review Mission. This version was presented to the APR Forum. (by APRM Secretariat) pdf

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This paper provides a critical overview of the APRM process in Rwanda (by LDGL)

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This paper criticises the country review team for failing to understand the importance of such practices, finding them undemocratic but offering no alternatives. (By Dr. Okello Oculi)

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Rwanda's APRM NPOA Implementation (2007): This report is concerned with the implementation of Rwanda's NPOA, as agreed upon after the completion of the country review (by Rwandan NGC)

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Rwanda's APRM NPOA Implementation (2006): This report is concerned with Rwanda's APRM POA implementation, as agreed upon after the country review (by Rwandan APRM NGC)

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Analysis of the APRM's review of Rwanda's Economic Governance (by Dr. Okelio Oculi)

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